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Museum's staff

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Director: Christophe LERIBAULT, General Heritage Curator

Secretary-General: Bruno LEUVREY

Curation team:
Antiques: Paulette PELLETIER-HORNBY, Head Heritage Curator

Paintings from the 15th century to 1848: Maryline ASSANTE DI PANZILLO, Head Heritage Curator

Paintings from 1848 to the turn of the 20th century: Isabelle COLLET, Head Heritage Curator and Stéphanie CANTARUTTI, Heritage Curator

Graphic arts from the 15th to the 18th century: Sophie RENOUARD de BUSSIERE, General Heritage Curator

Graphic arts from the 19th-20th century: Gaëlle RIO, Heritage Curator

Art objects from the 12th to the 18th century, and books from 17th to the 18th: Patrick LEMASSON, Head Heritage Curator

Art objects and books from the 19th-20th century: Dominique MOREL, Head Heritage Curator

Sculptures, and books Middle Age - Renaissance: Cécilie CHAMPY-VINAS, Heritage Curator

Byzantine Art: Raphaëlle ZIADE, Operations Manager

Photography and contemporary presence: Susana GALLEGO CUESTA, Heritage Curator

Preventive curation: Françoise CAMUSET

Scientific collaboration: Joëlle RAINEAU

Artwork administration: Hubert CAVANIOL

Documentary resources: Claire BOISSEROLLES

Communication: Anne LE FLOCH

Press: Mathilde Beaujard

Auditorium and events: Sophie ADELLE

Educational and cultural department: Fabienne COUSIN