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Allaert van Everdingen/ Le Blaireau à qui le Renard a confessé ses fourberies

Everdingen, Reynard cycle's illustrator

Graphic arts - Hanging

2nd part: November, 15th 2011 to March, 18th 2012

After the exhibition «Cranach and Dürer engravers: rivalry and competition» (current summer/fall 2011),  an exhibition about « Allaert van Everdingen,Reynard cycle's illustrator » (2nd part) is presented - from November, 15th 2011 to March, 25th 2012.

Everdingen (1621-1675), painter, drawer and landscape engraver, is the author of 57 illustrations of the poem Reineke Fuchs by Hendrik van Alkmaar, which is the 15th century duch version of the famous medieval novel.

The first part of this exhibition was showed during the autumn 2010.

The floor area of the Room 25 does not allow to recieve such an activity

Allaert van Everdingen/ le Renard déguisé en moine gagne la confiance du Coq
Allaert van Everdingen/ Le Renard, tout en continuant son chemin, veut se saisir
Allaert van Everdingen/ Le Renard parle avec le Blaireau.
Allaert van Everdingen/ Le Renard monte sur un Âne qui se dirige vers la droite
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