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Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - Marietta, or Roman Odalisque
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux - Mademoiselle Fiocre
Louis-Ferdinand  Lachassaigne - Vase - Van Dyck painting his first canvas
Charles Durand dit Carolus-Duran - Mademoiselle de Lancey
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres - Francis I Receives the Last Breaths of Leonardo da Vinci
Eugène Delacroix - Combat of the Giaour and the Pasha
Jacob Mardochée known as Jacob Petit - Mameluke clock
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux - Buste de Samuel Welles de La Valette
Gustave Courbet - Courbet au chien noir
Édouard Manet - Portrait of Théodore Duret
Louis Léopold Boilly - Portrait of Mademoiselle Athénaïs d’Albenas
Paul Gauguin - Old Man with a Stick
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux - Ugolino
Jan  Van Beers   - Les funérailles de Charles le Bon, Comte de Flandre, célébrées à Bruges dans l’église Saint-Christophe le 22 avril 1127
Gustave Courbet - La sieste pendant la saison des foins (montagne du Doubs)
Alfred de Dreux - Portrait of Mr and Mrs Mosselman and their two daughters
Jean-Désiré Ringel d'Illzach - Portrait of Jeanne et Mrs Albert Dammouse
Octave  Penguilly L’Haridon  - Côtes de Belleville
Gustave Doré - The Vale of Tears
Gustave Doré - L’Ascension
Camille  Pissarro - Le Pont Royal et le Pavillon de Flore
Paul Delaroche - Portrait d'Horace Delaroche
Théobald Chartran - Priam asking Achilles for the return of Hector's body
 Escalier de cristal - Ecran de cheminée


Ehrmann and Théodore Deck
François-Emile Ehrmann (Strasbourg, 1833 - Paris, 1914) and Théodore Deck (Guebwiller, 1823 - Paris, 1891)
Earthenware and painted wooden frame
79 cm

Alsatian-born Théodore Deck began his career as a ceramicist in an earthenware stove factory in Strasbourg. In 1851, he settled in Paris and opened his own workshop.

Deck tried to rediscover the manufacturing and decorating techniques of the old factories. He copied and interpreted Saint Porchaire ceramics, Iznik earthenware and Italian majolica Eclectic by temperament and by training, Deck also demonstrated his qualities as an inventor and discoverer. He succeeded in creating a turquoise blue known as “Deck blue” and perfected a technique for creating gold backgrounds which won him a Grand Prize at the Universal Exhibition in 1878.

His growing fame culminated in his appointment as head of the Sèvres porcelain factory in 1887. Deck collaborated on many occasions with painters and sculptors, notably Albert Anker, Raphaël Collin and François Ehrmann who provided the design for this plate. Ehrmann drew much of his inspiration for this neo-Renaissance pastiche from majolica wares created in Castel Durante around 1530. Even the wooden frame fits in with the 19th century conception of the way in which majolica was displayed.

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