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Giovanni-Batista  Cima da Conegliano - Virgin and Child
 Anonymous - Bowl : The Dance of the Cupids
 Anonymous - Candlestick
 Master I.C. - Ewer : scenes from the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece
Jan Mostaert - Portrait of Joost van Bronkhorst
Bernard Palissy (Follower of) - Oval dish with « rustic figuline » decoration
 Painter of the Judgement of Paris, workshop of Maestro Giorgio Andreoli, called Maestro Giorgio - Platter : the Judgement of Paris
 Anonymous - Large bowl : two women in profile on either side of a tree of life

Oval dish with « rustic figuline » decoration

Palissy (Follower of)
Production : France
Late 16th-early 17th century
“Glazed” earthenware
49,6 x 37,4 x 7,3 cm

Known since the Middle Ages, the “varnished” earthenware technique increased greatly in popularity in Renaissance France. The term refers to a clay-based ceramic covered with a lead-based glaze which is translucent and coloured with metal oxides.

The most spectacular pieces are those with incredibly precise renderings of plants, shells and marine animals. They are traditionally linked to the famous potter Bernard Palissy (1510-1590), a genius ceramic artist who earned the title of “Inventor of the King's Rustic Figulines" in 1563. They were still being made in the 17th century, which is probably when the large dish at the Petit Palais was made.

No doubt ostentatiously displayed on sideboards, they are a wonderful illustration of the Renaissance Princes’ taste for strangeness and technical virtuosity.

Inventory number: 
Inventory number : ODUT01129
Acquisition details : Dutuit bequest, 1902
Room 32
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