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Georges Clairin - Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt
Armand Point - Peacock Casket
Camille Alaphilippe - Woman with Monkey
Aristide  Maillol - Seated female nude with her left hand on her head. Study for The Mediterranean
Louis-Robert Carrier-Belleuse - The Struggle for Life vase
Léon  Lhermitte - Les Halles
Fernand Pelez - The Death of Emperor Commodus
Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Ambroise Vollard in a Red Scarf
Jean Carriès - My Portrait
Emile Gallé - Two-handled vase
Georges-Henri Lemaire - Silence or Immortality
Charles-Alexandre Giron - Woman wearing gloves, also known as The Parisienne
Paul Sérusier - Tricoteuse au bas rose
Pierre-Auguste  Renoir - Portrait of Madame de Bonnières
Berthe Morisot - Jeune fille en décolleté - La fleur aux cheveux
Pierre Bonnard - Conversation à Arcachon
Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat - Dish : The judgment of Paris
Joseph-Marius Avy  - Bal blanc
Marie Constantine Bashkirtseff - Parisienne, Portrait of Irma
Maurice Denis - Female bathers at Perros-Guirec
Fernand Pelez - La Vachalcade
Alfred Sisley - The Church at Moret (Evening)
Théophile Alexandre Steinlen - Ball on the 14th of July
Edmond  Aman-Jean - Miss Ella Carmichaël
Raoul Larche - Buste d'enfant (portrait présumé de Marcel Lerolle)
Sarah Bernhardt - Dagger : algues
 Baccarat Factory - Vase à décor de cactus
Emile Gallé - Commode, Le Sang d'Arménie
 Bracquemond (Félix), Rousseau (Eugène), Creil and Montereau factory - Round dish. Rousseau dinner service
Félix  Vallotton - Femme au bouquet
Emmanuel Frémiet - Le pélican gastronome
George Desvallières - Portrait de Mademoiselle Yvonne Robiquet
Léonard Agathon - Deux esquisses pour le Jeu de l'Echarpe

My Portrait

Lyon, 1855 - Paris, 1894
Circa 1887-1888
Virgin wax on plaster core
125 x 67 x 60 cm

Jean Carriès produced this self-portrait in wax at the age of about 32. He is just as his friends describe him : fierce facial traits, a sombre gaze, tools in hand, felt hat permanently on his head…
Wax was one of his favourite materials. The Petit Palais has the good fortune to have kept six of his spectacular waxworks. Few sculptors of his time dared to use this material on such a scale for a completed work. The pattern of slits which is so clearly visible is in fact due to the material’s age. The wax is dyed, partly stamped in a mould, partly modelled, and fixed onto a plaster and oakum core, or covers a base made of curved wood.

To make this highly realistic work, Carriès had casts taken of hands (maybe his own), his torso “with a smock and arms”, which he undoubtedly reused here. But at the same time this is also a dream portrait. The artist is surrounded by the things that had meaning for him : a death mask called Carriès’ Mother, a fantasy figure reminiscent of the imaginary busts he created, and already, two strange animals prefiguring those of the Monumental Door, his great unfinished work.

As a beautiful tribute by his friends, a bronze copy of this self-portrait can be seen at the artist’s grave at the Père-Lachaise Cemetery.

Donor, testator or seller: 
Gift of Georges Hoentschel, 1904
Inventory number: 
Inventory number : PPS00387
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