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Dirck Van Delen - A scene of gallantry in a palace
David Teniers the Younger - Smokers
Jan Steen - The Little Alms Collector
 Claude Gellée, known as Claude Lorrain - Landscape with the Port of Santa Marinella
Petrus Paulus Rubens - The Abduction of Proserpina
Adriaen Van Ostade - The Analysis
Jacob Jordaens - Diana Resting
 Rembrandt - Self-portrait in Oriental Attire
Meindert Hobbema - The Water Mills
Nicolas de Largillierre - Red-legged partridge in a niche
Henri Mauperché - Composite Landscape
Frans Van Mieris, known as Mieris the Elder - The interrupted song
Nicolas Poussin - The Massacre of the Innocents
Abraham de Vries - Portrait of a man

Composite Landscape

Oil on canvas
115 x 89 cm

This somewhat melancholy idealised landscape explores the theme of the poetry of ruins made fashionable by Claude Gellée and La Hyre. It is one of the few paintings attributed with certainty to Mauperché, one of the greatest French landscape artists of the middle of the century.

The artist depicts fantastical classical architecture, overrun by vegetation and enlivened by picturesque details, flower pots on a cornice, laundry hung out to dry and a pulley, on the banks of a marsh dotted with reflections.

The dark tones of the rushes and dead trees in the foreground gradually lighten towards the distant haze, according to the rules of aerial perspective.

The slender figures could represent the shepherd Theagenes welcoming Charicles on the banks of the Nile, a scene from the famous novel by Heliodorus, Aethiopica.

M. A. P.

Inventory number: 
Inventory number : PPP03764
Acquisition details : Bequest of Yvonne Gouverné, 1985
Room 27
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