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Vue de la salle 34 - Monde grec

The Classical World

 Hybrisstas - Poseidon or Zeus ?
 Tryphon - Head flask in the form of a smiling negro head
 Anonymous - Plaque in cameo glass : satyr holding out a bunch of grapes to the child Dionysus
 Anonymous - The Esquiline patera
 Anonymous - The Bacchus of the via del Babuino
 Petit Palais Painter 336 - Lekythoi with a bistre background
 Polykleitos (after) - Ephebe from the Fins d’Annecy
 Anonymous - Calyx-Krater : Herakles in the garden of the Hesperides
 Dutuit painter - Oinochoe with a trefoil-shaped mouth
 Colmar painter (decoration attributed to the) - Mule rhyton

The Classical World offers an array of gems from the Greek and Roman world, with master artists and a wide variety of techniques. In this exceptional room, the selection criteria are rarity, technical perfection and scientific interest.

The grave goods from Sala Consilina offer remarkable bronzes from the end of the Archaic era (circa 520 B.C.). The collection of vases, nearly all of which were found in the Etruscan necropolises of Italy, illustrates Athenian supremacy (late 6th century - 5th century B.C.). Bronzes (mirror with peplophorus) and vases painted with red figures (Achilles Painter) form a manifesto for 5th century Classicism.

Terracottas and jewellery from the Hellenistic era reflect the originality of the artistic centres of the Mediterranean world.

Rome is represented by major pieces from the 1st century B.C. to the 4th century A.D. The Ephebe from the Fins d’Annecy and Bacchus of the Via del Babuino, date from the “Golden Age” of Augustus. Glass and gold works demonstrate changes in taste from the 1st to the 4th century.

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